International Trade Certificates

What is an International Trade Certificate (ITC)?

An International Trade Certificate (ITC) is a formal, unique document that contains information regarding the regulatory status of a natural health product (NHP). ITCs are also issued to demonstrate that a facility which manufactures, labels, or packages NHPs complies with Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Why do I need International Trade Certificates?

When expanding into a global distribution market, ITCs serve to assure foreign regulatory authorities that NHPs exported to their countries comply with Canada’s strict Natural Health Product Regulations, and that the facilities which manufacture, label, or package NHPs comply with Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices. Health Canada has authorized CHFA to issue ITCs and provided this letter which states that CHFA attests to Health Canada's criteria for issuing ITCs. 

How can I acquire International Trade Certificate?

As a benefit of membership, CHFA Members can be confident in CHFA’s reliable, timely service and successful track record in preparing ITCs for export to more than 50 countries. If you are a CHFA Member, click here to log in to the Member Centre of our website and access our ITC program, or email

If you are not currently a CHFA Member, click here to learn about the benefits of membership, or contact us at 1.800.661.4510 or

Top 10 Reasons to Source Your ITCs from CHFA

  1. Benefit from CHFA's regulatory expertise.
  2. Obtain your ITCs from a trusted and reputable industry partner.
  3. Have confidence in CHFA's successful track record preparing ITCs for more than 50 countries
  4. Gain more value for your membership dollars.
  5. Benefit from CHFA's strong working relationships with Health Canada and CFIA.
  6. Expect reliable and timely service.
  7. Obtain discounted rates for volume orders.
  8. Connect directly with our dedicated staff.
  9. Benefit from ITC security features to ensure a lifetime of traceability and certificate integrity.
  10.   Confidentiality guaranteed.