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CHFA strives to educate Canadians on the many benefits of natural health and organic products. Based on the latest research and backed by science, our publications shed light on the positive impact these products have on those who use them as part of a healthy lifestyle.      

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    There is something appealing to “gaining” of an hour of sleep, but one study found that the autumnal change of time and light results in a cumulative effect of sleep loss. Others have examined th…


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    Learning the ins and outs of any leader is always fascinating. From her many years of experience in the industry, her first foray in a job, to her guilty pleasure and the advice she would give her 18-…


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    Research & Your Health is published as a service to Canadians who value the importance of natural health products and organic foods as an integral part of promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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    The purpose of this study was to determine if a pro-inflammatory diet at midlife is associated with a decline in cognitive functioning later in life.…